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40000 m2
995,000 €

40,000 m2 Olive Grove for Sale in Inlice

This expansive olive grove located in Fethiye İnlice spans a total of 40 decares (40,000 m2), offering an excellent investment opportunity for the future. The field, which has its own title deed, is situated 23 km from the center of Fethiye and only 7.5 km from the center of Göcek, making it attractive to both local and international buyers.

The property is abundant with olive trees, providing ideal conditions for olive cultivation. A cadastral road along the western border of the property ensures easy access and is a significant logistical advantage. According to local subdivision regulations, the land can be divided into parcels of at least 10,000 m2 each, allowing for up to four separate plots, which enhances its manageability and commercial value.

This field holds great potential for both individual investors and those considering development projects. Its proximity to major tourist centers like Fethiye and Göcek increases its value and appeals to a wide range of investors.

If you are planning a significant investment in the Fethiye Göcek İnlice area, this vast olive grove is just right for you. For more information and details about this valuable field, please contact us. Now is the ideal time to direct your investment correctly and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Land Features

Agricultural Field
Intertwined with Nature

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